Making a real difference in our patients’ lives is why we offer quality, comprehensive dentistry in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. We love to hear how we’ve helped our patients’ confidence and self-image after receiving a treatment at Krupka Dental Associates. We invite you to take some time and read what our patients have to say about their visits with our dentist, Dr. John Krupka. For more information or to leave a review of your own, please contact us today!

I would not hesitate recommending Dr. Krupka and his staff to my family or friends if it comes up! I’m happy going to see him.

-Avery W.

I am really happy with the implants that Dr. Krupka redid for me. I just stopped into the office last week again to let them know how happy I was with the way he fixed my implants.

-Elijah A.

I have been seeing Dr. Krupka for a little of a year now after a friend of mine recommended me to his office. My overall comfort level with him is excellent.

-Jennifer J.

There is nothing that I would recommend for Dr. Krupka or his staff to do to make my visit to his office more pleasant. They make you feel as comfortable as someone possibly can when you’re getting your teeth worked on.

-Katherine M.

I have been a patient here for the last 3 years and in my experience he is a very professional and efficient dentist. He even goes as far as to re-teach himself up-to-date technologies and processes as a dentist. That is impressive.

-Adam C.

I never have to wait long at all during my check ups. The wait time with Dr. Krupka is a lot less then any of my other appointments!

-Lanni S.

Dr. Krupka has been my dentist for about two years now. He is very nice and the office staff and facility is state of the art.

-Marvin E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Krupka for the past three years and in my experience he is very professional, efficient, and patient oriented. He has explained to me every procedure and has taken the time to answer all my questions. He is thorough, careful, and makes me feel that I am in good hands. It helps to know that his office is equipped with the latest technology. The staff is very friendly and professional. I am also glad that the appointment times are respected.

-David G. T.

My husband and I were in the market for a new dentist and we saw Dr. Kupka’s office one day when we were driving around town. We have now been patients there for over 2 years!

-Ally M.

I have worked with Dr. John Krupka, as a dental assistant, for 3 years. I love Dr. Krupka’s philosophy in the office. We treat our patients as if they were our family! Our jobs are to not only treat patients, but to give them the best, quality care we can provide. We educate our patients, so they feel comfortable with our treatments and are comfortable with at home care. If you are looking for a comfortable and caring environment I suggest that you come in for a consult, or new patient exam today! 🙂

-Megan A. G.

Dr. Krupka is experienced and I like how he’s aggressive with his use of technology and everything. He always goes to school and learns more to keep helping his patients. The new dental hygienists are great too. I appreciate their appointment reminders.

-Jen D.

Dr. Krupka has been my dentist of choice since his arrival in Kaukauna. He and his staff are always friendly and considerate. All equipment is “state of the art”; I’m impressed with the capabilities available to patients. Thanks to their efforts and guidance, I am in good shape.
Today I had a routine checkup/cleaning; all is well. As usual I received good advice and guidance. I like coming here!

-Dale S.

The staff at Dr. Krupka’s are just wonderful. They’ve helped me through a lot. I’ve had a lot of dental work done and I’m very pleased with the doctor and his staff. They couldn’t make me feel more welcome and comfortable.

-Megan H.

Dr. Krupka is good about sending postcards to you in the mail if you haven’t scheduled an appointment yet or when your next one is upcoming. My family members have also gone to him for orthodontic work in the past and he’s done a good job.

-Dennis B.

I’d say Dr. Krupka is the best dentist I have ever known! That is why I haven’t switched dentist – I was just introduced to him last year.

-Jack D.

What I like most about Dr. Krupka and his staff are that they are very professional. We are close family friends.

-Gary A.

What I like most about Dr. Krupka’s office is just their overall level of care and how he can always throw in a little humor here and there to help you cheer up or take your mind off having your teeth worked on. It’s a nice place to go.

-Salim A.

The staff members here are just great all around. If you need a new dentist go see them.

-Heather W.

Dr. Krupka is the best Denist in the whole Fox Valley! I would definitely recommend him!

-Xander B.

Dr. Krupka and his team know you when you come in for appointments. You’re not a number or just another patient to them. I like that feeling.

-Ron P.